Future Builds

At the present time, I have a portfolio of about a dozen sailboat designs that I would like to build. I have included here the four most likely to be built in the near future: a SAILING version of a MAINE PEAPOD, (early spring 2020), the VOYAGER (late 2020), CIRCE(early summer 2021), and CATFISH (aka a “Beach Cat”). I am also working on a design for a 16-foot pocket cruiser called “BREEZE” and hope to build her within the next 2-3 years. In lieu of actual construction photos I am including some CAD screenshots of each boat, to give a feel for the boat from different angles, and a Study Plan as well. It is likely that I will at some point offer Building Plans for these boats.

VOYAGER, our newest design, was conceived primarily as a yawl-rigged daysailer, with plenty of seating, storage, and flotation. By converting the seats to a double berth and fashioning some type of boom tent, you could go dinghy-cruising for a week or more. This boat will be offered as a kit that includes a “kit-within-a-kit”: a 1/6 scale model with its own assembly instructions. Building this model is optional, of course, but is recommended to help gain understanding of how the hull and interior structures relate and go together. The assembly instructions with photos will be included with these Study Plans in the very near future.

CIRCE is to be a fast daysailer, designed to carry crew of 1-3 persons. She was designed with a powerful, low-aspect balanced Lug rig that is easy to raise and strike.

The SAILING PEAPOD is the sailing version of the Peapod type fishing boat commonly used by fishermen along the East Coast of the US during the early to late 1800’s. Would be excellent as a large-ish tender for a bigger boat, and has plenty of reserve bouyancy for carrying passengers or supplies.

CATFISH was conceived as a “beach cat” type sailboat with great performance. Foot loops for hiking out are specified in the design as it is anticipated that a large part of the time this boat will be heeled!