About William Bates

I started “messing about in boats” as a teenager on the lakes here in Central New Hampshire, most notably Newfound Lake; and I’ve been sailing and splashing ever since.

My interest in sailboat design and construction had its origin in those influential early years, and has resulted in the creation of over 18 sailboat designs, 7 completed boats, with many more, hopefully, to come.

Design & Construction Experience:
Growing up, I often worked with with my grandfather, a building contractor, eventually working full-time as a carpenter and home-builder from 1984 through 1992.

Between the years of 1992 and 2009, I studied Small Craft Naval Architecture through Westlawn Institute of Marine Technology, and CAD Yacht Design through the Yacht Design School, both of Eastport, Maine.

I have been actively designing and building wooden sailboats since 2009, and since retiring in September of 2019, I have devoted myself to sailboat design & construction full time.

Over the last year I have gotten to know William Bates and the boats he designs and builds. As a lifelong sailor, and fan of classic sail boats, I have been impressed with his work. As an engineer I admire how well thought out his designs are and how well the boats perform in the water. I now have two of Bill’s boats and I look forward to sailing and rowing them in the years to come. Bill’s passion for small boat design stands out and I look forward to seeing his future work.
Joseph DiMatteo, P.E.