Welcome, and thanks for visiting. On this site you will find images and other information related to designing, building, & sailing wooden sailboats.

The sailboats you see here are built using a contemporary stitch & glue method; and the construction materials are of uncompromising quality. Take a look at the Completed Boats galleries to get an idea of how the boats are built, and what they look like. Efforts are underway to accumulate and post more photos of the boats “on the water”, being sailed on local lakes here in central NH.

From time to time, I sell completed boats. Simply check the “Boats For Sale” page on this site. If there are any boats for sale, they will be posted there.

Your comments or questions are always welcome.  

William Bates
Henniker, NH January 2020


Definition of Heirloom: “Something of value that is passed down from generation to generation.”

Our sailboats truly are heirlooms; beautiful, and built of the highest quality materials; and capable of lasting for generations with proper care.

Using contemporary boatbuilding methods and the latest in wood/epoxy saturation techniques, our “monocoque” or one-piece hulls are amazingly strong,light, and beautiful. Lumber parts, such as rails, framing, and spars are built from clear premium quality woods such as Cypress, Fir, and Spruce.

Fasteners used for hardware are either stainless steel or silicon bronze. And the crosscut Dacron sails we specify are carefully engineered for strength, excellent performance, and
long life.

In a culture where the word “Quality” has become an overused cliche, we are proud to be building wooden sailboats of timeless beauty that will last and last.